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Abelta Canning Company is a fish processing company producing canned sardines and mackerels for export to all over the world.Our factories are located in Essaouira, one of the oldest fishing ports for sardines industry in Morocco .Thanks to our collaborators and modern equipment we create a great added value making it possible to satisfy the desires of consumers to taste the best products of the sea.Through our value added, we always strive to meet the consumer’s needs to eat the best fish from the sea .Abelta Canning Company produce only the Sardinas Pilchardus Walbaum a much known small fish from Atlantic, for its good tasting quality. Thanks to our know-how, we offer different recipes of canned sardines and mackerel prepared with fresh fish and well-chosen ingredients (vegetable oil, tomato sauce, olive oil, oil and chili, oil and lemon... etc) .We work closely with the buyers in order to develop, produce and offer products to consumers worldwide. We meet all buyer’s needs concerning the size of the cans and have most efficient equipment to realise the production with the common quality standards.